Through its website offers transfer services by minibus with a capacity of 1 to 8 passengers. The type of service is that of the “door to door” Shuttle transfer according to which, subject to online booking on the website, the customer purchases one or more seats (according to need and availability) on a given shuttle, identified among those proposed according to the estimated time of departure or arrival of the relative flight. The service will not be exclusive, therefore, most likely the transfer can be shared with other passengers.

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to. When two or more people are included in the same online booking, or when the online booking is made on behalf of third parties, the person making the booking (Customer) will be treated as an agent towards the other members of the group ( Passengers) and, therefore, accepts, on their behalf, the present conditions of service proposed by
b. When booking online, the customer declares and ensures that all data supplied corresponds to reality, is correct and complete.
c. The booking confirmation (Transport Voucher) is in effect the travel ticket. Via smartphone or tablet, the driver of Palermo Airport Bus must be shown before each transfer. The “Reservation Request”, on the other hand, has no validity as a travel ticket.
d. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that all the data entered during the booking are actually those chosen by him. Any anomalies must be communicated via e-mail to, before the service is performed.
is. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide a valid cellular telephone number of at least one of the passengers, including any international prefix, for any eventuality, since the departure time from the agreed pick-up locations (pick-up) may vary in case of bad weather or heavy traffic or any other reason that prejudices the usual regular performance. In the event that the passenger does not have a mobile phone, the telephone number of the house or accommodation facility where the passenger is staying must be indicated. Any change in the pick up time will be notified by telephone, text message and whatsapp. It is therefore the responsibility of passengers to check for messages received on the mobile phone by Palermo Airport Bus. No reservations will be made in which no telephone contact is indicated. For pick-ups (withdrawals) to be made at the terminals, please note that drivers are allowed to wait for passengers for a maximum time of 60 (sixty) minutes from the scheduled arrival time. The Customer and / or Passenger must note the telephone number of the assigned driver, in fact, in the event of changes in timetables or any departure delays for departure, to avoid the loss of the transfer, this delay must be promptly reported by telephone and the new time of expected arrival must be communicated. In the event that there were delays to the boarding or changes in timetables or other reasons that could cause the loss of the transfer without the Customer and / or Passenger having previously contacted with Palermo Airport Bus or with the assigned driver , nothing will be reimbursed to the Customer and / or Passenger.
f. All payments made can be refunded only if canceled by Palermo Airport Bus.
g. The legal rights of the Customer can in no case be denied or diminished.
h. These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Italian legislation. The Court of Trapani will be responsible for any dispute that may arise between the Customer and Palermo Airport Bus.

the. For each booking received by Palermo Airport Bus, the latter undertakes to issue a receipt when paying for the service. The data of the tax receipt header will be taken from the data entered during the booking phase.

For each booking, the prices offered by Palermo Airport Bus to be intended with a 10% increase in VAT rate.

For bookings made by third parties (eg Travel Agency, Tour Operator, etc.), if an invoice is required, please report it and indicate the billing information in the notes field of the booking form.

If the customer has golf bags or bicycles with him, for which a supplement may be charged, he must include it in the spaces provided during the booking. In the event of failure to communicate with Palermo Trapani Airport Bus, or its suppliers, you will be able to refuse to transport unreported items. loss or damage to the luggage. Luggage forgotten in the vehicle that carried out the transport service will be delivered to the address notified by the Customer at its own expense.
Palermo Airport Bus will do everything to meet any special requests indicated in the appropriate space by its customers, but it is not, however, obliged to do so.

to. Smoking is not permitted on board the vehicles of Palermo Airport Bus and its suppliers.
b. The drivers of Palermo Airport Bus, and of any of its suppliers, may refuse to transport anyone who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening for the driver himself, for vehicles or for the other passengers.
c. It is not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages or drugs into the vehicles used by Palermo Airport Bus with the intention of consuming them.
d. All the vehicles of Palermo Airport Bus, and of its eventual suppliers, are regularly insured for civil responsibility towards third parties according to the current legislation.

to. The cancellation of the reservation can be made only by e-mail to the address and will be confirmed, again by e-mail.
b. If the customer does not receive the e-mail confirming the cancellation, it is his responsibility to contact the Palermo Airport Bus offices by telephone.
c. Any complaints and related reimbursement requests must be prevented in writing by e-mail to, within thirty days of the service being performed.

If you have any doubts about the modus opeandi of our service, we suggest you visit our FAQ page by clicking here.